The Sevylor Samoa Standup Inflatable Paddleboard - A Good Choice

The surprisingly rigid Sevylor Samoa Standup inflatable paddleboard feels like a hardboard you would find in a surf shop. But you won’t have to worry strapping a long board to the roof of your car – this one packs down to a small backpack and can be stored in the car trunk between visits to the beach.

A Look at the Craft

This SUP (that means “stand up paddleboard”) has a deck that feels like composite or fiberboard. The Sevylor Samoa Standup inflatable paddleboard features a rigid drop-stitch floor with a large EVA footpad to provide foot comfort as well as a steady grip. A paddle is not included.

Sevylor Samoa Standup Inflatable Paddleboard


  • Dimensions/weight: 10'10" x 2'6" / 42 lbs
  • Load Capacity: 250 pounds
  • Three removable fins
  • 4" rocker
  • Stainless Steel D-Ring
  • High pressure pump, gauge, dry backpack

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Offering a Slower Pace

Sevylor Samoa Standup Paddleboard

The Sevylor Samoa Standup inflatable paddleboard pumps up to between 8psi and 12psi and measures almost 11' long and 2½ feet wide when inflated. The Samoa’s three removable fins provide straight tracking while paddling and the board features a 4-inch rocker tip to prevent curling. The paddleboard also comes with D-rings to help you secure up to 10 pounds of gear. In total, the board has a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds.

Customer reviews note that this standup paddleboard is slower than a hard SUP on the water, but if you’ve got all day to play, you won’t mind the small things. It doesn’t glide as well so don’t expect superior ride for surfing. Most purchasers of the Sevylor Samoa are either beginners or they don’t get in the surf frequently so the slowness can be a plus. SUPs give the user a higher vantage point of spotting income swells and the paddle provides a great total body workout that is different from arm paddling a surfboard. Meanwhile, avid surfers may wander over to inspect the board up close since it pumps up so rigid it resembles a stiff board. The last advantage is that it is lightweight so seniors and smaller women can carry it to the water with ease.

A Stable Water Workout

You will need to supply your own paddle, but the Sevylor Samoa Standup Paddleboard comes with its own carrying case plus a manual pump and manometer gauge for inflation. However, this is a difficult board to pump up to the necessary 10 to 12 psi without using an automatic pump. (If your feet are under water when standing on it, you didn’t get it to at least 10 psi.) Other than the inflation issue, the Sevylor Samoa Standup inflatable paddleboard at $550 is a good choice. It provides the convenience of portability plus the rigidness of a hard board so you can enjoy the ancient sport of paddleboarding the modern way.

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