The Sevylor Tahiti Professional Self-Bailing Kayak: Great for Beginners

Since 1969, the Sevylor Tahiti Professional Self-Bailing Kayak has been the flagship of the Sevylor line, along with the yellow-hulled Tahiti Classic. This “Orange Torpedo” is the self-bailing model of the original Tahiti™ kayak, which debuted in 1962. Both designs are still selling well to this day.

A Look at the Kayak

Although it uses the word professional in the name, this is a craft designed for and sold primarily to novice paddlers. The Sevylor Tahiti Professional Self-Bailing Kayak is extremely affordable, ranging in price online and in stores for around $135 to $188. It comes with one deluxe seat and a repair kit.


Sevylor Tahiti Professional Self-Bailing Kayak

  • Dimensions: 9'7" x 2'2"
  • Capacity: 1 adult (400 lbs)
  • Weight: 25 lbs
  • Tubular I-beam floor
  • 28 gauge PVC
  • Boston Valves
  • Bow & Stern spray skirts
  • Self-bailing drain hole
  • 1 X-Large seat
  • NMMA Certified
  • Repair kit
  • Inflation time: 8 minutes

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Sevylor Kayak Skeg

Must-have accessories:

  • Sevylor Skeg - $18 (a fin that hooks on the rear bottom of the boat)
  • 92" kayak paddle ($30 and up)
  • Air pump ($15 - $30)

What We Say

With the skeg in place the Sevylor Tahiti Professional Self-Bailing kayak tracks straight and cuts through the water like a fish, providing a substantial increase in speed. However, without the skeg, the kayak is a dog and reviewers are disappointed by the lack of directional control (that is, unless you want to spin on a dime and treat it as a play boat). So why doesn’t Sevylor just sell the skeg with it as standard equipment?

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All the sales pitches will say this self-bailing craft is a two-man kayak but at 10'7" it is not roomy enough for two paddlers since your legs will be cramped. You need a 12-foot kayak/canoe at least for two people of average size to be comfortable. The Tahiti Professional is best used as a solo kayak.

Highly Portable and Loads of Fun

For 40 years, the Sevylor Tahiti Professional self-bailing kayak has been taken on adventure trips all over the world, from rivers in the US to Mexico and South America. A Sevylor Tahiti has been taken the length of the Amazon River – twice. It packs down to just 25 pounds and is light enough to be taken in your carry-on luggage, or stowed in your car’s trunk, RV, motorcycle saddlebags, larger boat, or in a small bush plane. Everything you’ve heard about it is true: this Sevylor self-bailer is an affordable, durable little kayak that provides hours of easy paddling fun.

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