The Stearns Back Country Inflatable Canoe - Fun for the Whole Family

The Stearns Back Country inflatable canoe is a smart watercraft that will keep more money in your pocket and put more fun in your future.

A Look at the Canoe

The Stearns Back Country is a rugged inflatable canoe featuring two tracking fins, two abrasion rails, molded carry handles, multiple D-rings, bungees on bow and stern, waterproof pockets, two inflatable seats w/padded backrests, and carry bag.

Specifications of the canoe:

Stearns Back Country Inflatable Canoe

  • Dimensions: 11'6" x 43"
  • Capacity: 2 adults (500 lbs)
  • Weight: 35 lbs
  • Air chambers: 3 + 2
  • PVC bladder/600-Denier polyester-tarpaulin
  • Boston valves
  • Inflation time: 10 minutes
  • Colors: Green or red

Note: single blade paddles are not included.

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A Canoe for Happy Paddlers

The Stearns Back Country inflatable canoe has five inflatable chambers – two sides and the floor, plus two inflatable seats with backrests. The rugged outer shell has tall and skinny sides to cut down on water splashing in the canoe, and combines heavy-duty tarpaulin and a 600-denier polyester material to protect the 28-gauge PVC bladders inside. The Stearns Back Country canoe is surprisingly responsive and maneuverable thanks to the tracking fins on the bottom hull. With the abrasion rails surrounding it and the near puncture-proof shell, it’s a safe craft for introducing your kids to paddle sports.

An Economical, Entry Level Canoe

Stearns is ranked number one by an independent consumer research to be among the top brands in its primary product line: personal flotation devices (PFDs). The company’s inflatable kayaks and canoes are good for the price but not outstanding.

The $390 Back Country inflatable canoe gets good marks in reviews for a solid feel, performance, and price-to-value ratio, but with the changes in the company recently (Coleman bought Stearns and customer service has grown more problematic.), we’re not sure why you’d go with this one over other brands. We suggest you check it against less expensive kayak/canoe such as the Sea Eagle 370 at $299, or for about the same price as the Stearns Back Country inflatable canoe, check the Sevylor Colorado Canoe at $455, or the Advanced Elements StraightEdge Canoe at $549.

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