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Stearns inflatable kayaks and canoes are sometimes overlooked in favor of more prominent names in the industry and that’s a shame. These inflatables have a devoted following from weekend kayakers who love them.

Stearns Now Owned by Coleman

The current owner of Advanced Elements inflatable boats, Clay Haller, is one of the original designers of the Stearns models. Coleman, the world famous outdoor equipment and camping outfitters, has since taken over Stearns, and another boat company, Sevylor.

In addition to kayaks and canoes, Stearns also makes personal flotation devices, life vests and jackets, rain gear, wet suits, and industrial safety equipment.

Some Good-Looking Kayaks and Canoes

Stearns Spree Inflatable Kayak

Stearns inflatable kayaks are extremely comfortable, as are the canoes. They are easy to maneuver thanks to the optional tracking fins on the bottom. The inflatable kayaks can support two large adults and their gear so handling quiet rivers and lakes is no problem. Most of the kayaks and canoes weigh less than 40 pounds, and are very easy to roll up and store.

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Stearns Cordova Inflatable Kayak

Stearns makes two popular inflatable kayaks, the Spree and the Cordova, in one and two person models. The Stearns Back Country Canoe has side air chambers that are tall and skinny making it highly stable, and yet it responds more like a kayak than a canoe. It’s perfect for paddlers of all levels.

A Good Choice for Recreation Use

Stearns Backcountry Canoe

All of the Stearns inflatable canoes and kayaks come with coated 600 to 840 denier and tarpaulin outer hulls, inner PVC air bladders, and front and rear 1000-denier tarpaulin protection on the bottom so you don’t have to worry about abrasions from rocks in the river. With comfortable inflatable seats, attractive styling, and cool features such as mesh pockets and watertight deck, these distinctive boats are a popular choice for lakes and Class II whitewater fun.

Where to Find Them

The boats are well loved by their current owners who report getting years of use out of them. Despite a recent price increase, Stearns inflatables are still a good value. Stearns inflatable kayaks, canoes, and boats can be found at retailers such as Wal-Mart, and online at Amazon and eBay.

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Stearns Spree Inflatable Kayaks - Front and rear fins improve tracking; one of the easiest kayaks to inflate and put in the water.

Stearns Cordova Inflatable Kayak - A light touring kayak that is easy to portage, extremely rigid and puncture resistant. Sit inside or use as a sit-on-top-kayak.

Stearns Yukatat Inflatable Kayak - The Yukatat is a beginner’s model that has been discontinued but is still available online and from many local dealers.

Stearns Pivot Self-Bailing River Runner - The River Runner is designed to “pivot” because it rides and plays with waves rather than punch through them, but that’s the best thing you can say about it – it has a great name.

Stearns Back Country Canoe - Good marks in reviews for solid feel, performance, and price-to-value ratio; surprisingly responsive and maneuverable thanks to the tracking fins.

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