The Stearns Yukatat Inflatable Kayak – A Poor Design

The Stearns Yukatat inflatable kayak by Sevylor is a beginner’s model that has been discontinued but is still available online and from many local dealers.

Features of the Kayak

This IK has several nice details including a mesh zippered pocket for storage, grab handles, d-rings and bungee cords for tie-downs, an integrated seat, watertight deck, and a heavy-duty carry bag.

Specifications of the Stearns Yukatat:

Stearns Yukatat Inflatable Kayak

  • Dimensions: 10' 4" x 32"
  • Capacity: 1 adult (235 lbs)
  • Weight: 31 lbs
  • Size folded in carrying case: 35" x 21" x 9"
  • Bungee deck lacing for holding gear
  • Boston valves

Accessories included:

  • Pump, repair kit, carrying duffle bag

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From the Frame Up

Stearns Yukatat Inflatable Kayak Bag

The Stearns Yukatat inflatable kayak has a nylon deck with a PVC Tarpaulin hull and is installed with easy-to-use Boston valves. There is no spray skirt or skeg for the Yukatat, but it does have the convenient bungee cords for lashing gear to the deck.

It also has two plastic plates and two aluminum inserts to make the bow and stern rigid for better performance. While the company says you can fold and store the boat with the forms installed, it will not fit in the carry case if you do so, so it is best to remove and reinstall them each time.

Feedback from Current Owners

The comment most often made in reviews over the years is that “the kayak needs a skeg – badly!” Users point out that it won’t track straight if the main tube is not lined up perfectly with the outer hull every time you inflate it. The Stearns Yukatat closely resembles the old AirFrame by Advanced Elements, which was replaced by the AdvancedFrame. That’s the boat you should consider if you like the style of this IK.

What We Say

Stearns made several poor design choices on this model. We suggest you carefully review Advanced Element’s AdvancedFrame instead, which costs $399 – about twice what you’ll pay for the Yukatat inflatable kayak. Since the low seat, hard-to-install plastic inserts, and lack of a tracking fin on the Yukatat will drive you crazy your first time on the water, we suggest you skip it and go with the AE. The AdvancedFrame is much more comfortable and the aluminum ribs on the bow and stern are built-in, so you can just unfold it, inflate it, and go. If the AdvancedFrame is too pricy for your budget, check out the Sevylor Pointer at $249 which is an improved version of the Stearns Yukatat inflatable kayak.

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