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Ready for any adventure, Walker Bay inflatable kayaks have made a name for themselves with a stellar lineup of models including the most compact and rigid kayaks on the market. And now, they have done it again by coming out with lower prices on many of their popular Airis inflatable kayaks and tenders.

Since 1997, Walker Bay of Yakima, Washington, has sold over 70,000 small craft worldwide including sailboats, rowboats, RIBs, motorboats, the Airis line of inflatable kayaks, and rollups. The company has won more than a dozen awards for product design, innovation, and business practices.

What’s New in the Fleet

Walker Bay Inflatable Kayaks

In the fall of 2008, the company introduced four new “Kayak-in-a-Bag” models as part of the Airis™ line: the Angler, Tender, Velocity, and Tandem.

In describing the new Walker Bay inflatables, Stefano Rista, Vice President for Business Development, explained the intended market for each model: “The Airis Angler is designed specifically for kayak fishing, the Airis Velocity is built for speed, the Airis Tandem is perfect for couples and families, and the Tender is designed for boaters needing to transport people and gear.”

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Airis Tender Inflatable Kayak

In addition to many exclusive features on their inflatable kayaks, such as oversized rear skegs for better tracking, and dry storage compartments for taking more gear on river trips, Walker Bay’s lightweight hull design makes it easy for a beginner to handle, yet the kayaks track well for advanced kayakers who demand performance.

Portability is also a key feature for a kayak-in-a-bag: at the end of the day, simply deflate it, roll it up, and store it inside its own backpack.

Innovative Construction and Styling

Walker Bay Airis Velocity Kayak

Walker Bay inflatable kayaks are constructed with a heavy-duty, seven-layer polymer-coated fabric that is joined by thousands of drop-stitch fibers. Using AirWeb™ High Pressure Construction (patent pending), the hulls are inflatable up to 6.5 PSI (or 0.45 bar) making them incredibly rigid. This advanced engineering makes Walker Bay’s Airis kayaks highly resistant to tears and abrasion.

Why Buy Walker Bay?

Consumer reviews of Walker Bay and Airis inflatables agree: these are great boats and kayaks. As an added incentive for potential buyers, the company has lowered prices for 2009-10 models already considered to be among the best in the world. Give one a tryout and see for yourself why Walker Bay inflatable kayaks are praised as the lightest, most durable, and most compact, high-pressure inflatables you will ever have the pleasure to paddle.

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Airis Angler - A terrific fishing kayak, one of the best on the market.

Airis Sport - The Airis Sport folds down to a small footprint and standard gear includes the pump, storage backpack and repair kit.

Airis Tender - A versatile 10' kayak that can be used for fishing, exploring and sightseeing.

Airis Tandem - One of the most compact and high pressure inflatables in the world.

Airis Velocity - Narrow bow and 12' length make the Velocity the fastest in the Airis fleet.

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