The Zodiac Classic Series: Fast & Compact Sports Boats

The Zodiac Classic Series come from the world’s oldest manufacturer of inflatable boats. Zodiac has combined decades of experience and current technology to produce sports boats that are fabulously fun and fast.

A Look at the Zodiac Classic Series

This fold-up inflatable boat comes in three models: MK 1 & 2, and MK 2C (compact). The three Classics have V-shaped hulls for optimum speed and high performance:

Mark 1 HD: Length 11', Max Load 1300 lbs (5 people), Wt 141 lbs, Max Engine 25hp

Mark 2C HD: 12' 6", Load 1653 lbs (6 people), Wt 169 lbs, Engine 35hp

Mark 2 HD: 13' 10", Load 1853 lbs (7 people), Wt 191 lbs, Engine 40hp

Specs on the Classic Series Sport Boats:

Zodiac Classic Series Inflatable Boats

  • Inflatable V-Shaped keel
  • Tube diameter: 17" (Mark 1), 18" (M II)
  • 2 Floor Systems: Aluminum or Plywood
  • Tie-down rail system
  • PVC Strongan™ Duotex™ fabric
  • Marine grade wooden transom
  • Aluminum engine support plate
  • Reinforced cone ends
  • 2 self-bailing drains
  • Semi-recessed valves
  • Polyamide lacing cuff, safety grab lines
  • Rubbing strake
  • Bow handle
  • 4 carry handles
  • SS towing rings
  • Mounts a short shaft o/b
  • Limited Warranty: 5 years
  • Hull color: Grey w/Black

Accessories: Each Zodiac inflatable boat comes equipped with two paddles, fittings for optional forward steering crossbar, launching wheels fitting kit, removable bow bag, 2 carrying bags, foot pump, pressure gauge, repair kit, and owner’s manual.

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The Floor System Options

The Zodiac Classic Series offers two floor systems: the quick-fit aluminum floorboards, or the marine grade plywood floor with aluminum frame system. The latter system is available on the Mark ST models. The newer aluminum flooring system allows for quick and easy installation and maintenance, it is a sturdy platform to cast or walk on, and provides great impact resistance for pounding over waves.

Practical, Stable, and Portable

Owners who have given reviews on the Mark inflatable sport boats say they enjoy the comfortable ride and quality of these Zodiacs. The oversized air chambers not only cut down on splash, they give the boat a low center of gravity for great stability and comfort, and provide an open cockpit for a large load capacity.

The V-shaped hull of the Classic Series allows these inflatables to achieve better than average speed and maneuverability on the water. Yet with an engine capacity up to 40hp, these lightweight Zodiacs offer better fuel economy than you would get with the same engine mounted on a hard-hulled tender.

Even with a deflated weight of a rather heavy 191 pounds (on the Mark II HD), the boats are portable; they deflate and fold down to fit into two separate carrying bags to fit easily into an RV or the trunk of a car. The Zodiac Classic Series boats are good for diving, hunting, fishing, sunbathing, and tendering. These are nice inflatable sports boats and worthy of your time to take a look at.

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