The Zodiac Pro Series: Sports RIBs for Off-Shore Adventure

With a new design, the best-selling Zodiac Pro Series is a RIB (rigid inflatable boat) which is a sports powerboat fitted with inflatable tubes. Now offering more room in a wider deck, a bigger load capacity, and a redesigned deep V-hull, this is a great boat for water skiing, wakeboarding, diving, fishing, or just having fun.

A Look at the Zodiac Pro Series

With a self-draining deck, built-in fuel tank, aft trough, and a deep V-hull, all you need to complete these high-performance RIBs is a long-shaft 4-stroke engine, console, and the seats.

Standard features on the Pro Series:

Zodiac Pro Series Inflatable Boats

  • Fiberglass deep V-shaped hull
  • Molded non-skid deck
  • Patented PVC Strongan™ Duotex™ fabric
  • Removable tube system
  • Reinforced cone ends
  • 4 high-volume self-bailer
  • Semi-recessed valves
  • Polyamide lacing cuff, safety grab lines
  • Large profile rubbing strake
  • 4 handles
  • Bow S-ring and 2 towing rings
  • Bow locker, rear locker
  • Under deck fuel tank + fuel/water separator: 47.6-gal
  • Under deck cabling passage
  • Hull colors: Red or grey
  • 5-year Limited Warranty

Zodiac Pro Open Inflatable Boats

Accessories: two paddles, removable storage box, foot pump, valve cap pressure gauge, repair kit, and owner’s manual.

Optional accessories for fitting out any of the Zodiac Pro Series boats: stand up console, swimming ladder, seat with locker, roll bar, racks for diving cylinders, and more.

The Five Pro Series models Include:

Pro 7 Man: Length 13' 9" Beam 6' 1" Max Load 1763 lbs Wt 399 lbs Max Engine 50hp

Pro 9 Man: Length 15' 5" Beam 6' 9" Load 2336 lbs Wt 507 lbs Engine 70hp

Pro 12 Man: Length 17' 2" Beam 8' 2" Load 2535 lbs Wt 694 lbs Engine 90hp

Pro 15 Man: Length 20' 8" Beam 8' 2" Load 3836 lbs Wt 1256 lbs Engine 150hp

Pro 20 Man: Length 27' 11" Beam 9' 0" Load 3836 lbs Wt 2976 lbs Engine 300hp

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Lighter Weight, Larger Engine Capacity

Ranging in sizes from 13' 9" to 27' 11", Zodiac’s 5 Pro Series Sports RIBs can carry from 7 to 20 passengers. The largest, the Pro 20 man, can handle up to 300 hp and reach speeds in excess of 50mph. Towing skiers and tubes are no problem, and the removable tube system makes it easy to store a Zodiac Pro. New owners have the option to configure the console and seats according to their needs and desires.

There is plenty of room on the deck for any work or pleasure boating situation, from scuba diving to fishing, and more. Zodiac’s buoyancy tubes are removable for easy transport, or replacement or repair. With the rub strake and tough PVC treated fabric on the hulls, it provides for excellent fendering so bumping against other boats or a dock isn’t a problem.

You should also consider saved fuel consumption: the lighter weight of a Zodiac Pro Series inflatable has faster acceleration and better fuel economy when compared with a traditional fiberglass boat with the same size engine. Trailering is also easier since the weight of these RIBs is about one-third that of the fiberglass boat.

Great Potential for Fun & Adventure

Thanks to the hybrid hull design, the Zodiac Pro Series offer all the advantages of a hard-side boat, but then goes further by offering lower cost, better safety, low maintenance, and all the other benefits that you have with the presence of an inflatable tube collar. In other words, these RIBs can do anything a fiberglass boat can do, plus you can adapt your Zodiac to a deck configuration of your choice. These Zodiacs live up to their lofty brand name and reflect the company’s 50-plus years of technological advances.

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