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The line of Zoik inflatables is probably better known on the west coast and in the Rocky Mountains than in the southern and eastern regions. But no matter where you live, Zoik inflatable boats and kayaks are built to perform on any type of water from quiet lakes to roaring rapids.

ZOIK (pronounced zoe-ik) is a Colorado company that makes outdoor adventure equipment with the main focus on whitewater rafts, kayaks, and boards. The founders of the company derived the brand name Zoik from the Greek “Zoic,” a word that translates “life.” This spirit of adventure is essential to their approach to business.

A Look at the Fleet

The SD Series rafts are commercial quality craft ready for exhilarating trips down whitewater, while the inflatable kayaks are versatile and fun for both solo and tandem paddlers.

Here’s a look at the line-up:

Zoik Inflatable Kayaks

  • The Zoik AlterEgo inflatable kayak is an entry-level model that is wide and stable. A solid choice for family outings.
  • The Zoik RF inflatable kayak has a 19" rocker and unique raised floor for responsive whitewater fun.
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    Zoik Inflatable Rafts

  • The Zoik EgoTrip inflatable kayak is a paddleboard and a surfboard! Great versatility that delivers a new kind of fun on the water.
  • The Zoik inflatable rafts come in 12' and 15' lengths with a “cataraft” type of ride: the suspended deck is self-bailing for whitewater thrills yet the craft offers the comfort of a raft.

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All Zoik inflatable rafts and kayaks are made with a high-strength PVC fabric in the tubes and floor that is puncture proof and resistant to abrasions. Zoik offer three to five year warranties plus a 100% satisfaction guarantee if the customer is not satisfied with the performance or workmanship of the product.

The Zest for Zoik

The innovative designs of Zoik inflatable boats, rafts and kayaks reflect the companies zest for “life.” Their firsthand expertise with whitewater thrills gives them the understanding of what’s important for river running: quick maneuverability to get around boulders, bow volume to get through holes, large buoyant tubes for splash protection, plus comfort during a long paddle sessions. The inflatables come with no frills – you need to buy your own pump and paddles – but you’ll agree that the superior materials and affordable price make Zoik inflatable boats and kayaks a good choice for water fun.

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Zoik AlterEgo - The AlterEgo is very roomy and practically untippable. Offers good maneuverability if you consider that it feels more like a mini-raft than a kayak.

Zoik EgoTrip - Take the 18 lb. EgoTrip wherever you go! Use as a sit-on-top kayak, for stand-up paddling or surfing. Gets good grades by reviewers who remark how much fun it is.

Zoik VertEgo XL Inflatable Riverboard - Shoot he rapids head first! Get a good pair of surf fins, a PFD, and a helmet and you are all set to get on the water.

Zoik RF Solo & Zoik RF Tandem - The self-bailing Zoik RF can be handled well by beginners or advanced paddlers. Provided to racers in the extreme Adventure series held in Utah and Colorado.

Zoik Inflatable Rafts - The Zoik 12SD or 15SD is a good choice if you are looking for a reliable whitewater raft that provides the kind of safety, performance, and long-term durability as those used by commercial outfitters.

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