Zoik Inflatable Rafts Put River Running in 4-Wheel Drive

The good-looking Zoik inflatable rafts have a unique Suspended Deck (raised floor) design and large buoyancy tubes giving them the speed and performance of a cataraft and the payload and comfort of a raft.

A Look at the Zoik 12SD ($2495)

The Zoik 12SD self-bailing whitewater raft has 24" tubes that taper down to 16" at the bow and stern. The floor is suspended 12" up from the bottom of the tubes in the middle of the raft. The rest of the specs include:

Zoik Inflatable Rafts

  • Dimensions/weight: 12'2" x 5'11" / 104 lbs
  • Tube Diameter: 24"
  • Bow/Stern rise: 31"
  • Waterline: 90"
  • Max Capacity: 1250 lbs / 5 adults
  • Chambers: 5
  • D-rings: 6
  • 2 thwarts (air seats)
  • Recommended Frame Size: (W) 48" x (L) 50-68"

Zoik Inflatable Rafts - Factory Direct

Specs of the Zoik 15SD ($2995)

The Zoik 15SD self-bailing whitewater raft has 26" main tubes (diminishing to 16" at the bow and stern) with the floor suspended 13" up from the bottom of the tubes.

Zoik 15SD

  • Dimensions/weight: 15' x 7'4" / 145 lbs
  • Tube Diameter: 26"
  • Bow/Stern rise: 33.5"
  • Waterline: 107"
  • Max Capacity: 2400 lbs / 8 adults
  • Chambers: 5
  • D-rings: 18
  • 3 thwarts (air seats)
  • Recommended Frame Size: (W) 63-66" x (L) 82-96"

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Zoik 12SD Raft

Zoik inflatable rafts come in an attractive deep blue color with grey thwarts. Each raft ships with a repair kit and is covered by a 5-year warranty. The tube material is made of a very durable 48-oz 2000 Denier PVC fabric, and the bottom is made with 62-oz 4000 Denier. Zoik rafts come with Leafield Relief valves.

What Reviewers Say

Zoik Inflatable Whitewater Raft

Zoiks are tough, rip-resistant inflatable rafts superior in design and function to traditional bottom rafts. The cataraft design keeps only the tubes in contact with the water and the floor riding high. Not only is drag greatly reduced because of the suspended deck floor, they track better and respond admirably in technical water. Paddlers confidently roll over waves as the Zoik responds like a 4-wheel drive raft.

The 12' raft can be used for day or weekend trips while the 15' is ideal for longer river running excursions. Reviewers recommend that you don’t overload this raft (or any raft!) with people and gear despite those high max capacity ratings up to 2400 pounds. The self-bail floor drains quickly but you will still sacrifice maneuverability and speed with too much weight.

Comparable to Commercial Rafts

Zoik inflatable rafts cost half that of high-end Maravia rafts and are the same price, construction, and quality as Tributary rafts and Star rafts which are found in the fleets of many rental companies. The Zoiks are a good choice if you are looking for a reliable self-bailing, raised-floor raft that provides the kind of safety, performance, and long-term durability as those used by commercial outfitters.

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